Overview of costs

Shipping prices are calculated based on the customer's location and shipping method you select when placing the order.

Please be aware that our shipping is not just a standard ordinary shipping service. Our shipping includes a myriad of other services such as packaging, fulfillment, and general shipping costs.

  • Our shipping starts from packaging your products straight from production to fulfilling your orders and then ends with shipping orders to your address.With this in mind, our shipping costs typically include all of these services to ensure the quality and integrity of your orders.
  • We currently offer free shipping on all orders over 75 USD within USA and Canada
  • Launch offer: Use code PYGMENT10 for flat 10% off on the entire order until 08/16/2021.

Shipping details

If you're shipping products internationally, please keep in mind that shipping costs are slightly higher when sending from US-based facilities. Delivery times are longer (it may take up to 1 - 3 weeks due to customs delays which are beyond our control), and not all products might have consolidated shipping when shipping internationally. 

Format for shipping addresses:

Our manufacturers accept up to 35 characters per Address Line, and all addresses need to be submitted in the English alphabet. Please note we are not responsible for covering the costs of a replacement order if the address is not submitted properly.

  • Please double-check the shipping address to ensure it is correct.
  • Additionally, we suggest filling in both Address Lines 1 and 2 as the more details the address has, the more likely it is to be delivered to the proper address.

Shipping to military addresses and PO Boxes

If you want to place an order for a military address, you may do this by placing the order via a CSV file and sending it to us at hello@pygment.shop.

CSV upload is currently the only way we can fulfill orders for military addresses. 

  • IMPORTANT: Please place APO, FPO, or AE in the state column
  • Please bear in mind that APO/AE/FPO shipments are considered international shipments and may take upwards of several weeks for delivery due to customs and military mail processes.

Shipping times

The transit time for each order depends on the shipping method chosen at the checkout. Pygment currently offers standard and expedited shipping for most of the products shipped to the US and Canada.

The production time is not included in the shipping time estimates. Shipping time is when it takes for the item to be shipped, whereas the production time is the time it takes to print the product before shipping.Please check out our FAQs for more information. 

Estimated Shipping times

Please note that there may be variances in ship dates and these times are subject to change.

Domestic Shipping times

Standard Domestic shipments in the US and Canada territories may take up to 12 business days in transit and are usually delivered within this timeframe. Please contact us at hello@pygment.shop in case of any delays or questions about your order and include your order number for speedy service.

International Shipping times

We currently offer shipping within Canada and USA.If the product is manufactured in USA and is being shipped to Canada it might be considered an international shipment and due to current shipping delays may take longer than usual business days in transit but are delivered nearly within 1-3 weeks from the ship date through our shipment carrier.

We have also experienced highly uncommon instances where an order may take upwards of a month to deliver. Not all tracking events may be represented in real-time, and this causes a shipment to appear stalled at a particular place/event. There are also other factors beyond our control that may extend the delivery window, including highly unlikely but not limited to:

   • Packages being handled by multiple carriers, when handed off to local carriers

   • Local customs department processing time

For these reasons, we are unable to guarantee a delivery date with absolute certainty for international deliveries but we will try our best to resolve any delays and give you timely information if needed.