Pygment is a lifestyle brand that celebrates Science, Technology and Gaming cultures. We do fashion, we do it with style and they could be nerdy.
In order to solve the ultimate fashion trilemma of being fashionable, geekish and affordable all at the same time we set out to create a brand that mixes neediness with a cool quotient and doesn’t compromise on style. All our products are aesthetically made with the sole intention of each design telling a story and resonating a feeling all at mind blowing prices.
Our brand logo OZY represents octopus which is an ocean creature known for having eight arms and bulbous heads. Being boneless, our ozy can squeeze into (or out of) tight spaces. (Fun fact: Octopus is considered quite intelligent and has been observed using tools as well!)  
How It Resonates With Our Brand 
Often we feel like we should have multiple hands to do multitasking, be in multiple places at the same time and the field of Technology is high paced and one needs to be adaptable, creative and a constant learner to stay relevant.
We hope that our clothing can inspire the world to live the philosophy of technology and all other amazing elements this field has to offer.
At Pygment, we believe that everyone should be able to dress in a way that reflects their mood, their mindset, and true personality.  Our brand helps to empower young adults to be confident in who they are and who they choose to be.   We embrace this concept wholeheartedly by providing our customers with a wide selection to suit their fashion style and needs. 
When it comes to our brand, we follow our own unique path as do our customers.

Whether you want to "Broaden Your Neural Network" or "Unleash Your Inner Dragon", when you choose the Pygment brand, you are making a statement that will empower others to do the same.  We welcome a diverse range of personalities to our brand and focus on bringing one's love for technology to life.  

We live to challenge status quo and in the process create awesome stuff.
So, what are you waiting for?  Showcase your love for science and technology and embrace your inner spirit.